Floatron NZ Ltd began in 1996 when our family became totally fed up with our pool continually turning green.

We were making endless trips to the pool shop, and spending hundreds of dollars each time! What had started off as a much wanted family swimming pool, was now our worst nightmare.

After a couple of years battling with the pool, we came across this small circular disc with a solar panel on the top. We were told this would definitely help keep the pool clean, and although VERY sceptical, we were willing to give anything a try at this point.

This was the beginning of pool care as we had imagined it. Our pool stayed crystal clear once we started using the Floatron, and the water was beautiful to swim in. Our chemical consumption was minimal, and the pool didn’t turn green anymore. We were so impressed that we told all our friends with pools about this ‘miracle product’. Pretty soon we had sold quite a few, and things just grew from there.

Since having children, my husband Craig and I have become even more passionate about the Floatron. Our middle daughter has severe eczema, and her skin flares up terribly in chlorinated pools. However, she can swim in our pool (with the Floatron) all day long and never get any reaction. This has been a lifesaver for us, because it means she can join in with the rest of the family. This is a product we believe in whole-heartedly, and we know that people don’t have to struggle with pool maintenance anymore.

We have thousands of happy clients and friends who have been using a Floatron themselves for over 20 years. We think its great to be able to sell a product that reduces chemicals, and also makes life easier when it comes to pool maintenance. The fact that it helps people with skin conditions, and also saves people money as well is an added bonus.

Melissa Growden
Floatron NZ Ltd

What our clients have to say

“The FLOATRON makes life so much easier! The best form of pool control we’ve ever used . . . and we have owned pools for 20 years!”
I F (Te Puke)

Why didnt someone tell me about this years ago??
S L (Wellington)

“Very Good. Did everything you said it would do! Our friends are amazed at how good our pool looks!”
E & A W (Te Awamutu)

EXCELLENT ! It got rid of all our pool problems
P & R Wade (Waikato)

We’d recommend it to anyone. People ask how we manage to keep our pool so clean. The Floatron totally got rid of the black algae.
R & S (Matamata)

My pool has never looked this good. The water actually sparkles. I have saved a fortune on chemicals!
R A (Auckland)

I am more than happy to show people my pool, and how clean the Floatron keeps it.
S P (Wellington)

We bought a Floatron a few years ago, and now we’ve moved to a new house, with a new pool. So we took the Floatron with us, and the people who bought our old house bought a Floatron too. We just told them how easy it was.
D M (Hawkes Bay)

I have had my Floatron for over 4 years now. I dont do a thing to my pool and it looks beautiful all the time!
G M (Auckland)

Best water conditioner I’ve ever used. It does exactly what you said it would. Its great to know that we aren’t swimming around in all those nasty chemicals. I thoroughly recommend it.
P T (Te Puke)

Its amazing ! I tell everyone with a pool to get one. Certainly saves me a lot of time mucking around.
M S (Christchurch)

Best thing since sliced bread! If you have a pool, you need a Floatron. Its honestly amazing!
G D (Bay of Plenty)

We’re having the most ‘hassle-free’ year ever with our pool. Why didnt I buy one sooner?
C Y (Bay of Plenty)

I cant believe how much money I have saved on chlorine! I hardly use any. The pool has stayed looking fantastic – even through the heat of summer, when it usually gets away on me. Great.
M P (Auckland)

I’m too busy to muck around looking after the pool. I just want to come home from work and dive in. Now I can, because we have the Floatron looking after the pool. Saves me many headaches!
L B (Bay of Plenty)