One Floatron can:

  • PURIFY up to 150,000 litres
  • REDUCE chemical consumption up to 90%
  • SAVE you precious time on pool maintenance
  • SAVE you $$$ on expensive chemicals
  • SAVE on health concerns


Health benefits:

Floatron is ideal for those concerned about the effects of chemicals on the environment & on our health.  It is widely used by those who suffer with:

  • allergies
  • sensitive skin
  • eczema
  • asthma


Keep your pool clear for longer in your holiday home, or while you are away

Ease of use:

  • Only 2 minutes work per week
  • Softens hard bore water
  • Helps maintain a stable pH
  • Works just as well in heated pools
  • Works equally as well in salt-chlorinated pools